About Us

Welcome to ButlerVargo.com and StainedGlassUS.com,

our online gallery of church stained glass windows created by our Indianapolis Indiana studio. Partners Brad Butler and Andrew Vargo have 20 years experience creating large-scale stained and art glass projects for churches across most religious denominations and within several US states. We specialize in liturgy-based art glass for worship spaces, and focus on the emotional connection we can create between the viewer and the artwork. We implement techniques and treatments into our windows that have never been done before, and our glass painting capabilities are unrivaled. Often times, the closer look our art glass is given, unexpected treasures are discovered which make the windows personal to the location and people involved. Striving to create art glass which has a greater purpose in the worship space has been our goal.

We at ButlerVargo have been blessed with the opportunity to make art for many churches. Each project has been completed in a spirit of collaboration that has allowed us to form very good relationships with pastors and members of their churches. Designing windows together with our clients had become the hallmark of our studio. We set aside our egos, open ourselves up completely to guidance and inspiration, becoming interpreters of the message, and pushing our thinking and technical skills to higher levels.